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The TPS International Media Internship

An Internship Program for Young Foreign Journalists

The young journalists of today are the influential voices of tomorrow.

The Challenge

The Middle East is one of the most complex regions in the world.

Our Approach

A three week intensive media internship in Israel for young international journalists.

Hands-on, in-field media training from leading Israeli journalists and experts.

Foster an unbiased understanding of the realities of life in Israel.

Practically apply analysis skills to ensure accurate reporting of news events

Our Goals

"The next generation of foreign journalists will report the unbiased and accurate news about Israel"

Educate on potential causes of bias and learn tools to portray the complete story.

Develop a broad understanding on how news in Israel is created.

Help young journalists create a strong portfolio showcasing their abilities.

Support internship graduates as they begin careers in international media.

Because the Truth Matters

Partner with TPS to change the face of international media

1. The interns of today will be the influential journalists and editors of tomorrow.

2. Make sure their first encounter with Israel shows them the truth on the ground.

3. Educate future journalists to spot and prevent media bias in all their work – regarding Israel and the rest of the world.

Our Achievements

A Huge Success

Dozens of young foreign journalist graduates from a variety of countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Many of our graduates are now professional journalists in some of the biggest media outlets around the world.

Hundreds of articles and news reports published in various media outlets and languages, presenting a more accurate view of Israel.

“Now I’m starting to know more about the conflict and I think I will come back just to learn more about it. I got a very bad image from the [French] media and I saw just with my own eyes, that things were very different from what I expected."

– Julia Bihl, France.