Amotz Eyal


Amotz Eyal founded TPS - Israel's News Agency in 2010. Amotz gave cameras to a pioneering group of volunteers who set out to document the truth on the ground in Israel. Amotz is a media expert who lectures on "Media in the Conflict Zone" at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliyah.

Aryeh Savir

Head of International Desk

Aryeh Savir established and developed the international desk. His articles on a broad range of topics have been published in 15 languages, including Urdu and Farsi. He holds a Masters in Jewish History from Bar Ilan University

Baruch Yedid

Head of Arab Desk

Lt. Col Baruch Yedid is the head of TPS's Arab desk. He is the top investigator in Israel media today Baruch served for over thirty years in the Israeli military and security service. Fluent in Arabic, he is renowned for his expertise in Arab and Palestinian affairs. Baruch has a BA in Middle East Affairs from Bar Ilan University and graduated with honors from the IDF Command College.

Yehonatan Valtser

Head of Video

Yehonatan Valtser is the head of the video department at TPS. An accomplished videographer and video editor, Yehonatan is also a skilled still photographer.