PA’s National and Islamic Forces: ‘US Interests Are Targets’

By Baruch Yedid/TPS • 27 January 2020
Photo by Kobi Richter/TPS

The National and Islamic Forces in the Palestinian Authority (PA) published a proclamation on Sunday calling for a Day of Rage on the day that the US’ Deal of Century peace plan will be published this week.

The PA estimates that the plan will be published on Tuesday.

A proclamation by the Forces, an umbrella organization for all Palestinian organizations that coordinates the war on Israel, stated that “all US interests will be from the moment the plan is published on the target board,” because “the US is the one who is plundering the fortunes of Arab states.”

The Palestinian public is called upon to remove signs posted in villages and roads indicating US-funded projects as an expression of the rejection of American aid to the Palestinian people, and to boycott US-made goods “and to see them as being Israeli products.”

The Forces’ statement said that a detailed plan of the activities and events against the Deal of the Century will be announced in the next two days.

Fatah Central Conference Member Jamal Mohsain called on the Palestinian public “to mobilize en masse against the Deal of the Century, and the Arab position should not be satisfied only with a condemnation.”

PA Minister of Foreign Affairs Riad al-Malki, said the PA’s leadership is discussing with “the brotherly Arab countries” practical steps to respond to the US administration’s announcement regarding the peace plan.

Malki stressed the “clear and consistent position of the Palestinian leadership in rejection of the decisions of the American administration regarding Jerusalem and everything related to the rejected deal of the century.”