WATCH: NGT Hub at Nazareth Provides Unique blend of Israeli Society and Tech

By TPS • 5 August 2019
Photo by TPS

The NGT (Next Generation Technology) tech hub at the Nazareth Industrial Area provides a unique blend of Israeli society and Israel hi-tech.

NGT serves as an incubator for 19 innovative life science and medical technology companies.

Strategically situated in Nazareth, NGT benefits from the potential of scientists and researchers in the Arab sector while fully integrating into Israel’s world-renowned technological creativity and entrepreneurial eco-system.

The hub seeks to support start-ups in the Israeli-Arab sector and is therefore situated in Nazareth. NGT further aims to raise awareness in the Israeli-Arab public of the high-tech options in the country.

The incubator is supported financially by the Israeli government and supervised by the Israeli Innovation Authority.

Dr. Amal Ayoub, scientist and CEO of Metallo Therapy, explained that when she decided to establish her own company, she looked for a place that would support her efforts. Friends recommended she take a look at NGT.

“NGT is a special place. I am only a scientist. Without their help on the business side of things, I would not have reached this point in my cancer research,” she said.

Dr. Amir Toren, CTO and VP of business development, told TPS that apart from funding life science companies, NGT also has “a social agenda.”

“Our social agenda is to bring Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs together to work in the same environment and succeed together in building these startups,” he explained.

The hub is considered to be an innovative model, and delegations from other countries, including China, have come to study it.

TPS visited NGT to get a closer look at this Israeli success story.